Research Office

About the Research Office

The Ashridge research office works with faculty, associates and clients to deliver high quality management and business leadership research.

The research office is run by a team of experienced, professional researchers. Our expertise ranges from developmental psychology, to the careers of women in business and the role of virtual learning in education. Our researchers each work in broad alignment with one of the six research centres, supporting, advising and guiding specific research projects. Our Research Coordinator and Research Analyst provide additional support to the research office and the wider Ashridge research community.

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Ashridge research encompasses a broad range of subjects, including Coaching Outcomes, Emotional Intelligence and Corporate Strategy. Our research agenda responds to the needs of clients and informs Ashridge's overall approach to organisational development.


Research Team

Research news and events

Ashridge offers a range of research-based events including conferences, business briefings and learning events.
Please visit our events page for details of forthcoming activities.
We also publish regular news updates featuring our research in Insights and 360°, The Ashridge Journal.